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Natural Yoga in Nepal


The history of thai massage “ originated in india during the time of lord buddha’s overly 2500 years ago, and was brought to the thailand by the physician of buddha shivago komarpahj. Thai Massage is one of the most popular massage throughout the world. This massage is accepted  and loved by many peoples because of  bringing maximum health benefits by  releasing the  pain of  the body. Generally this traditional  thai massage is given on the  floor whereas masseur and the clients both wears loose and comfortable clothes.  In Thai Massage the therapist focus in pressure points, stretches the  muscle and work in joints  in a rhythmic motion. When doing a Thai massage the therapists use their palm, fingers , thumb , feet, elbows, forearms as well  knees too. 

After completing this course  the student will be able to provide 2 hour Traditional Thai Massage services. More or less than in   2.5  hour the therapist will be able to provide treatment such as:- Joint stiffness and pain, Help in detoxification ,  boost immune system, Increase blood circulation, muscle relaxation, increase flexibility , energy blockages, Improves athletic performance

Help arthritis , back pain etc